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Eaton Clutch Parts

We have the complete line of Eaton truck clutches.

Eaton Clutch PartsWhether you are looking for new Eaton truck clutch or replacement Eaton truck transmission parts for manual transmissions, contact our support specialists today.

Eaton Truck Clutches for Manual Transmissions

Eaton Advantage Series Clutches Infographic

Eaton Advantage Self-Adjust Truck Clutch

Introducing the next evolution in Eaton’s Advantage clutches. These new Advantage clutches are the smoothest and most durable clutches Eaton has developed.

Available in ceramic 15.5 (394 mm), this unit has a max torque of 1650-2250 (lbs.ft) with a spline size of two inches. the new strap drive eliminates lug rattle and fatigue for quieter operation and extended clutch life.


  • New strap drive eliminates lug rattle and fatigue for quieter operation and extended clutch life
  • Patent-pending spring separator allows for quick clutch disengagement for fast shifting and ultra-low drag for a clean release
  • Easy-to-see wear indicators in two locations offer improved visibility for better serviceability
  • Soft-rate damper absorbs engine vibrations to protect drivetrain components and enables engine downspeeding at torque ratings up to 1850 lb. ft.
  • 50,000 mile release bearing lube interval
  • Standard 3-year/350,000 miles (production) or 2-year/unlimited miles (aftermarket) warranty
  • Extended protection plans available

Part Numbers for Eaton Advantage Self-Adjust Truck Clutches

309701-51 309701-82 309701-20 (-30)
309701-68 309701-24 (-34) 309701-25 (-35)
309701-91 309701-23 309708-32 (-42)
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Eaton Easy Pedal Advantage Clutch


  • 50,000-mile lube internal for linehaul applications
  • New patent-pending release bearing provide increased lubrication and improved strength to extend the life of the clutch
  • Improve steel-backed bushings resist wear for increased service life
  • Premium damper reduces the drivetrain torsionals
  • Proprietary facing material to provide longer disc facing life.
  • Easy-Pedal Advantage (Manual Adjust) Kwik-Adjust and proven Powerthread™ technology simplifies clutch adjustment.
  • Adjusting requires approximately half the movement of standard adjusting rings.
  • Interchangeable with all current twin plate models.
  • Positive separator pin assures equal plate separation, smoother engagement and cooler operation

Eaton Easy Pedal Advantage Truck Clutch

North America’s No. 1 clutch offers more protection and less maintenance. The Eaton Easy Pedal Advantage® clutch offers maximum uptime and performance. With the use of assist springse Easy-Pedal™ design reduces pedal effort by as much as 50%, increasing driver satisfaction and ease of operation. This clutch is available in 15.5 mm size and made of ceramic materials. The max torque is 1650-2250 (lbs.ft)

Part Numbers for Eaton Easy Pedal Advantage Truck Clutches






308925-24 (-34)


308925-20 (-30)

308925-25 (-35)

308937-32 (-42)

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Eaton EverTough Clutch

Features Ever-Tough Self Adjust

  • Eaton’s proprietary self-adjusting technology keeps the clutch in constant adjustment and maintains bearing release position.
  • Features an easy-to-see wear indicator.
  • Eliminates 13 manual adjustments for every truck, on average.

Features Ever-Tough Manual Adjust

  • EverTough Manual Adjust clutches feature proven Kwik-Adjust technology to make clutch adjustments faster and simpler.
  • Eaton PowerThread adjusting ring eliminates seizing and makes adjustments easier
  • Adjusting requires approximately half the movement of standard adjusting rings.

Eaton EverTough Truck Clutch

Eaton has made EverTough clutches even tougher, with an updated release bearing featuring wider thrust pads, and three grease zerks for easier maintenance. EverTough clutches are designed for longevity and come backed by Roadranger®, the largest national network of drivetrain expertise and support. This unique combination of durability and support is something few aftermarket brands can offer, providing the reliability you want at the price point you need.

Available sizes are ceramic/organic 14 and 15.5 with a max torque of 1400-2050 (lbs. ft.)

Part Numbers for Eaton EverTough Truck Clutches

 inch 2″ – 10 7″ 8 1400 4 108391-81AM
8.5″ 10 1650 4 108391-74AM
10″ 9 (Mack and
Volvo 11L & 13L)
1650 4 109701-51AM 108935-51AM
1760 4 108935-61AM
1650 6 108935-91AM
1760 6 109701-92AM
7 1700 4 109701-82AM 108925-82AM
1860 6 109701-20AM 108925-20AM
2050 6 109701-25AM 108925-25AM
14 inch 2″ – 10 7″ 8 1400 4 108050-59AM
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Eaton Value Clutch


  • Cost competitive
  • No core needed or required
  • No core charge
  • Constant plate load
  • Maximum cover ventilation
  • Isolated pressure springs
  • Internal adjustment
  • Super-duty version

Eaton ValueClutch Truck Clutch

Now you can invest in a durable, genuine Eaton clutch at about the same price as a non-genuine clutch. The ValueClutch line is designed and manufactured for older generation vehicles that don’t require the advanced design features of Eaton’s new and re-manufactured clutch product lines.

You can choose from 10 clutch part numbers ranging from 1000 to 1650 ft.-lbs. of torque.

Part Numbers for Eaton ValueClutch Truck Clutches

VALUECLUTCH NEW PART # SIZE IN. [MM] MAX TORQUE LBS.FT. [NM.] Spline Size (in.) Damper Style Springs Facing Material No. Paddings
107034-61B 14 [350] 1000 [1356] 2-10 Free Travel 8 Ceramic 3SB
107050-59B 14 [350] 1400 [1898] 2 Free Travel 8 Ceramic 4SB
107034-57B 14 [350] 1000 [1356] 2 Free Travel 8 Organic N/A
107034-30B 14 [350] 1000 [1356] 2 Rigid None Organic N/A
107091-74B 15.5 [394] 1650 [2237] 2 Free Travel 10 Ceramic 4SB
107091-77B 15.5 [394] 1250 [1695] 2 Free Travel 8 Organic N/A
107091-81B 15.5 [394] 1400 [1898] 2 Free Travel 8 Ceramic 4SB
107091-83B 15.5 [394] 1070 [1450] 2 Free Travel 8 Organic N/A
107925-82 15.5 [394] 1700 [2307] 2 Free Travel 7 Ceramic 4SB
107935-51B* 15.5 [394] 1650 [2237] 2 Low Rate 9 Ceramic 4SB
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Eaton Angle Ring Truck Clutches


  • Cost competitive
  • No core needed or required
  • No core charge
  • Constant plate load
  • Maximum cover ventilation
  • Isolated pressure springs
  • Internal adjustment
  • Super-duty version

Eaton Angle Ring Truck Clutch

The key feature of the Eaton Fuller Angle-Ring Clutch is its belleville spring and lever design which makes constant plate load possible. Because of this, the Angle-Ring Clutch maintains good engagement throughout its entire life. The spring is isolated from the pressure plate virtually eliminating damage from heat transfer.

For service operations, a unique feature of the Angle-Ring is that it is an excellent retrofit clutch. Compact in size, the clutch easily and quickly fits into shallow bell housings.

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Eaton Re-manufactured Easy Pedal and Solo Clutches

Features Solo Reman

  • Solo technology keeps the clutch in constant adjustment by maintaining bearing release position
  • Like new driven discs
  • New intermediate plate
  • Features an easy-to-see wear indicator
  • Dual zerk release bearing (heavy-duty)
  • 50% less pedal effort (heavy-duty)
  • Genuine Eaton parts
  • National warranty
  • A full-round contamination baffle protects against debris
  • Ceramic facings for longer life
  • Solo self-adjusting technology protects valuable hydraulic linkage components

Easy-Pedal Reman

  • Ceramic facings for longer life
  • New intermediate plate
  • Like new driven discs
  • Positive Pin™ separator
  • National warranty
  • Kwik-Adjust® components

Eaton Re-manufactured Easy Pedal and Solo Truck Clutch

Eaton remanufactured clutches are the right choice for price conscious buyers. Remanufactured to exacting standards using 100 percent genuine Eaton components, these clutches are designed for long life and trouble-free operation.

Each remanufactured clutch is disassembled and then remanufactured using Eaton genuine parts. These quality components include like-new driven discs and new intermediate plates which ensure maximum reliability and extended life. The clutch is then inspected to ensure that each component, as well as the finished assembly, adheres strictly to original equipment specs and guidelines. These tough standards result in tough re-manufactured clutches.

Eaton has updated and expanded our portfolio of remanufactured clutches to include higher torque model of self adjusting and manual adjusting clutches. These additional offerings give owners of older vehicles more choices when replacing their clutch.

Now available in 1850 and 2050 lb-ft ratings.

Part Numbers for Eaton Re-manufactured Easy Pedal and Solo Clutches



















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Eaton Re-manufactured Easy Pedal and Solo Clutches


  • It comes standard with a new low capacity inertia brake.
  • 50,000 mile release bearing lubrication interval for linehaul applications.
  • Designed for fast actuation to enable quick, smooth, open clutch shifting


  • Ensures performance and efficiency with new Electric Clutch Actuation and intelligent shift selection software.
  • Enables better launch and shift decisions through grade sensing, weight computation, and driver throttle commands.
  • It provides smooth engagement and high fidelity of vehicle control, even in the most challenging applications.

ECA Clutch

The ECA Clutch has been designed and engineered for Eaton’s top-of-the-line UltraShift PLUS and Fuller Advantage Automated Transmissions. This 15.5 inch ceramic clutch system offers the durability and performance necessary to withstand the high actuation conditions and associated with automated transmission systems. This clutch has a max torque of 225 lbs. ft. and has been developed for a wide range of customer applications from Linehaul to Vocational to meet with the many specific automated transmissions offered by Eaton. Spline size is 2 inches and a 14 tooth spline, and is available as product numbers 122002-35A (1850 ft-lbs) and 122003-42A (2250 ft-lbs).

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Eaton Re-manufactured Easy Pedal and Solo Clutches

Ultra Shift DM Centrifugal

Eliminates the need for a clutch pedal and helps to maximize clutch life. At the front of the UltraShift™ 6, 10 and 13-speed transmissions is the UltraShift DM clutch, which engages and disengages without an in-cab pedal. The AutoClutch uses a traditional two-plate configuration for heavy duty and single-plate for medium duty, complete with soft rate dampers and ceramic facings for smooth engagement.​

This ceramic clutch is available in medium duty in 14 or 15 inches and is available as part number 121500-1 with a torque capacity of 700ft/lbs. The heavy-duty part number is 12100-1 with 1650 ft/lb torque capacity.

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Eaton Re-manufactured Easy Pedal and Solo Clutches


  • Made from 100% new components. No remanufactured or reused components.
  • Cushioned organic facings allow for smoother engagement.
  • Built to industry quality and durability standards to ensure outstanding performance and maximum clutch life.
  • Soft-rate damper offers protection against harmful torsional vibrations and increases the durability of transmission synchronizers and driveline components.
  • The standard pre-damper eliminates idling rattle.

430mm Clutch

Eaton has expanded its aftermarket portfolio for the NAFTA trucking industry with the addition of a new replacement clutch for Volvo I-Shift and Mack mDrive automated transmissions. Designed for longevity and to extend the life of later life-cycle trucks, the Eaton Push Wear-Thru clutch with organic facings will initially be offered in 232mm and 254mm damper sizes to work with Volvo and Mack automated transmissions paired with the 11 liter and 13-liter engines.

This clutch is available in two configurations. Part number 104460-1 (6 spring damper) with a 2150Nm / 1650 ft-lbs. and a 50 x 46 x 24-inch spline. Part number 104461-1 (5 spring damper) with a 254 mm damper diameter, a torque capacity of 2600Nm/1850 ft-lbs. and a spline of 50 x 46 x 24N.


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